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Attorney, Carol Parker, provides legal services in the areas of: Family Law, including, but not limited to, Martial Contracts, Protective Orders, Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support, Community Property, and Separate Property Partitions; Criminal Law, including, but not limited to, the Expungement of Criminal Records; Estate Planning, including, Successions and Probate, Last Will and Testaments, Trusts, Powers of Attorney; Social Security Disability; and Debt Collection Defense.

Family Law covers a wide range of legal issues affecting families. Many people are unaware of them until encountering a divorce or separation or protective order. For example, when parents’ divorce or unmarried couples with children separate, child custody and child support issues arise. Additionally, community property and/or co-owned property can be complicated, depending on the type and amount of assets involved. Spousal support may also be needed. And last, but not least, unwarranted protective orders can be used for unfair leverage and unjust gains in all areas of family law, as well as to deprive a person of liberty and freedom.

A Marital Contract ("Prenuptial Agreement") is a less expensive way to consider and settle certain divorce issues BEFORE encountering a divorce. While few people want to think about a divorce when planning their marriage, it is better to think and plan ahead, rather than fighting in court later when emotionally vulnerable and financially strained.

Protective Order Defense is a civil legal issue to be taken very seriously, especially when a person is falsely accused of domestic violence or the victim of grossly exaggerated allegations of abuse. YOU SHOULD NEVER REPRESENT YOURSELF IN A PROTECTIVE ORDER PROCEEDING. The potential legal consequences can be devastating and lead to related criminal charges.

Criminal Record Expungement helps a person restore good standing in the community by having a criminal record or conviction removed from the public records. Criminal records from a youthful or unfortunate past mistake can negatively affect a person's future employment and renting opportunities.

Estate Planning is an important, but sometimes neglected area of law. Few people want to think about dying. However, careful estate planning can help ensure that your assets are disposed of according to your wishes, rather than according to law, and help prevent contested and expensive litigation by heirs. Time is of the essence here, as there are many issues related to estate planning that require much thought and reflection, including Last Will and Testaments, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and Successions/Probate proceedings.

Social Security Disability benefits are usually needed when a person becomes physically and/or mentally unable to work. Even when you are medically unable to work, the Social Security Administration may initially deny your claim. Then, when you timely appeal the denial and a hearing is scheduled before an Administrative Law Judge, it is a good idea to have legal representation at the hearing. While there are non-lawyers authorized to assist people with disability claims, if they are out of state, you may not have the benefit of interacting face-to-face with a local person able to give you and your claim personalized attention. Avoid having multiple representatives involved in your claim. And, since a representative's fees, whether a lawyer or non-lawyer, are deducted from disability benefits, your attorney only gets paid when you are awarded disability benefits.

Debt Collection Defense can be a solution to bill collectors when a person suffers a financial loss, such as becoming medically unable to work or losing a job. Bill collectors may be unsympathetic. And, one of the worst things a person can do in this situation is an avoidance strategy. A collection defense lawyer should be consulted for legal advice, a possible negotiated settlement, or representation at court, if necessary.

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